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Tell us about the wildest sex you've ever had.


There was this boy named Kyle. Gorgeous redhead, total knockout. He was a photography boy, modeling for and running a school project of his, and he wanted it to be somewhat fantastical. Call in the boy with the body paint and lighting strips!

So I come over to his house the day before to try out a few designs and to see where we are. Kyle’s in his underwear, I’ve got my hands all over his body, and I’m thinking ‘yeah momma’ to myself when he starts hardcore flirting with me. You know, flexing his abs or arms as I’m painting them, asking how I like his ass and to go ahead and feel him up because the entire body is important (wink), and so on. Eventually it gets to the point where he’s lifting up my shirt and sliding his hands under it, getting paint all over my stomach, sides, and back, while I’m smearing green lines on his cheeks, and I say ‘screw it’ to myself and go in for a kiss.

We end up naked on the floor, with him blowing me and me turning his hair green from the rest of the paint on my hands. Paint is all over the sheets I’ve set up, there’s the imprint of Kyle’s body on the floor with clear prints of my legs and feet on either side and obvious back-and-forth motion, there’s paint in intimate areas and down my thighs and in claw marks across his back, we’re getting back up to go clean up and continue this in his bedroom, and then his mother walks in. She sees the paint everywhere, clearly sees what we’ve been up to in gory detail (it’s like reading animal tracks here), covers her eyes, says that we’d better ‘clean off that paint before it, um, sticks to… um’, and gets out of there.

Don’t fucking fuck when you’re covered in paint.


"so i’m guessing that you’re the girl in the relationship?"

well honey we’re actually both the girls in the relationship

that’s what makes it so gay

do you ever stop and realize that people probably discuss you from time to time when you aren’t around to witness it

not even in a specifically positive or negative way just like

people mention you, or think of you, you occur to people sometimes

thats the most unnerving thing that i can think of, thats so weird, that i exist to people when im not even interacting with them

Reblog this if you have ever attempted any of the following while you were alone:










-Using the force



-The Matrix 



-Going Super Saiyan

-Jutsu Hand Signs

-Spells from Harry Potter


-Breaking the 66 seals

-Opening purgartory

-Turning into a green rage monster

-Being a synthesized voice program

-Getting a bunch of bitches to kneel

- bit your hand and became a grim reminder to humanity